Active Phonics & Reading (Aged 3 & Up)

This programme is centred on Letterland Phonics and Scholastic’s Levelled Readers. KidsEdge is proud to be one of the authorized centre to teach Letterland phonics. We have produced a series of phonics videos to assist in your child’s learning process. Please scroll down the pages for the videos.

  • Letterland is a child-friendly, multi-modal system for teaching children to read, write and spell. The secret of its worldwide success lies in its pictogram characters and their ability to make learning fun! In class, activities include songs and stories, spelling exercises, word sorts, phonics games, reading and writing exercises.
  • Students bring home a Scholastic reader every week to practice reading. Levelled readings are categorized into levels of difficulty, which is how a perfect match, based on ability, can be made. We assess how well your child reads, and then match them to books that are challenging enough to see progress.

Phonics Sound

Sight Words Readers spelling & sentences

How do parents do phonics revision at home if the parents themselves didn’t learn phonics when they were young?

  • This is one of the very common questions asked by parents. We have made the home revision process as fun and easy as possible by making a series of over 20 phonics videos covering over 60 sounds, from single letter sounds to Silent Magic E and other important spelling patterns.

Level 1: Aa to Zz       

  • Learning to read is made fun as children learn letter sounds through characters like Clever Cat and Annie Apple. Children learn to combine letter sounds to read simple words such as cat, dad and fit.

Single Letter Sound – Aa to Ee

Single Letter Sound – Ff to Jj

Singe Letter Sound – Ff to Oo

Single Letter Sound – Pp to Tt

Single Letter Sound Uu to Zz

Level 2: Consonant Blends, Digraphs, Word Building

  • The combination of letter sounds such as “sh” and “gl” come to life as children learn through the adventures of Letterland characters. Words like skip, frog, shop and think are added to your child’s reading and spelling vocabulary bank.

Consonant Blends – cl, cr, bl, br, dr

Consonant Blends – gl, gr, pl, fr, pr

Consonant Blends – sm, sn, sw, tr, tw, sp

Consonant Blends – scr, spl, spr, str

Consonant Blends – gl, gr, pl, fr, pr

Consonant Digraphs – sh, th, ph, tch

Consonant Digraphs – wh

Whispered Blends – sc, sk, st

Level 3: Vowels including Silent “e”

  • Fun is still the name of the game as children are taught more challenging sound combinations. Page, wrong and cycle are some of the words your child will learn to read and spell.

Long Vowels: ind, old

Word Endings: ck, lk, ld, nd, nt, ck

Word Endings: ff, ss, ll

Double Consonants before Magic Endings – ed, ing

Long a, e, i, o, u

Long Vowels – ar, air, ow, oy, u

Level 4: Foundations of Full Literacy

  •  At this stage, your child has been paved the path to becoming a fluent and confident reader. New sound combinations will be learned and previously mastered skills will be revised to ensure your child’s continued success.

Other Important Spelling Patterns – or, ear, er

Other Important Spelling Patterns – ful, ly

Other Important Spelling Patterns – as, al, y

Other Important Spelling Patterns – ei, ey, o